In March of 1865 Freedman's Savings & Trust Company
was signed into law
by President Lincoln

Now we have the Freedman's Bank Building where it used to stand. What was learned? How can it help us now?

Why America needs black-owned banks

by Jeanne Lee, NerdWallet | USA Today

In recent years, black-run banks have struggled financially. They took a bigger hit from the housing crisis than the banking industry at large, as communities they served suffered higher-than-average job losses and home foreclosure rates.

In 2007, prior to the recession, there were 41 banks with majority African-American ownership. There were 44 in 1986, the year Congress passed a law designating February as National Black History Month. Today, the number of black-owned banks has fallen to just 23 institutions."

A List of Black Owned Banks on Facebook

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